Hungarian Culture

Traditional folk culture is still alive in music and dance. Click on the video below to hear one of my favorite songs.

Weather in Hungary

Hungary is a country with four seasons. There is a children’s song about the weather, and after living in Hungary I can understand how such a rhyme came to be:

Télen nagyon hideg van,
Nyáron nagyon meleg van, S
Soha sincs jó idõ,
Mindig esik az esõ!

Esik esõ, fúj a szél,
Hull a fáról a levél,
Káromkodik a juhász,
Hogy a nyája széjjelmász.

It means:

In the winter it’s very cold,
In the summer it’s very hot, and
there is never any good weather,
It always rains!

The rain falls, the wind blows,
The leaves fall from the trees,
The shepherd curses,
Because his flock is scattering.

Hungarian Food

As one of the easiest aspects of culture to identify and quantify, food makes a great introduction to any country. Here I will present a few examples of traditional Hungarian food.


This is one of my favorite dishes, and it is made from the national vegetable, paprika.

Lecsó Recipe


Hungarians often translate Palacsinta as pancakes, but I think they are much more similar to crêpes. They can be sweet or savory, depending on what they are stuffed with.

Palacsinta Recipe


Főzelék is a lot like stew, but the Hungarians insist that it is disctinct. For an amusing story that accurately depicts how the Hungarians feel about Főzelék, read this. Főzelék is primarily a vegetable dish, and there are many different kinds.

Főzelék Recipe

Wild Food

In Hungary, and in nearby countries as well, there is a great tradition of gathering food that grows wild. Some examples are:

  • Chestnuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Sorrel
  • Wild garlic

I’ll include a few links about these foods and things you can cook with them.

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